America Needs More Technical People

“but they don’t have enough qualified employees to fill those positions” is just code for greedy corporations and the dumbfucks that vote GOP. This premise that people who are unemployed are unqualified is the same con they used to outsource and use as an excuse the false need of H1B visas for IT jobs. They just didn’t like the fact that the people that built the IT industry were making relatively decent money so they cried that we weren’t qualified even though we were at the forefront of software innovation with usually the best changes being shelved because of unrealistic due dates set not by the technologists but by the marketing department. Coincidentally, non-technical management was moved in to head departments where documenting everything you did and commenting every line of code was now more important than writing good code because QA departments were either being eliminated or merged into development which ruined the very effective distance needed to separate coders from testers. This was the beginning of outsourcing because we were all basically putting together operations manuals. A select few were hired to help train management in the new countries but some of us had to train the people who were there to take our jobs and we knew it. Most of us tried as hard as we could to give bad or incomplete information which was really our only recourse. I knew my job was over when emails to my department head went unanswered and instead of allowing me to lay-off the 7 employees that I hired, they fired me and them in the same room together. It was fun throwing my box of business cards from the top of the atrium that was the main entrance to the campus.

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