Conservativism Defined

Conservative by definition seeks to keep everything the same and not rock the boat. This not only counteracts evolutionary and biological forces that act upon us every moment of every minute but seeks to deny our experiences of the forward trajectory of time itself.
We age which is change.
We breath which is exchange of vital gases.
We have a beating heart that is designed to eventually wear out because the actual art of living is not to be unchanged but to progress and continually change in an ever changing world. We cannot “Make America Great Again” because the focus of that statement is regressive and specious because arguably, we have never been great for all “We The People”. Civilization does not progress by looking behind itself but by how we have learned from and adjusted to escape the past. We can no longer embrace conservative principles and believe they will bring about positive change that benefits all and not only to those that can afford it or we are doomed as a society.
Remember….the definition of insanity is to do the same repeatedly and expect different results.

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