Memorial Day

Memorial Day would have more meaning to me if the anti-war protesters were recognized for saving the lives of our soldiers who were put in harms way by greedy RW politicians the past 4 decades. If it were not for us we would probably still be in Vietnam and the tough guy hologram reputation of Teflon Ron would have taken a huge hit while saving Granada from invasion.
“Wars” are now a part of the economy, the Industrial Military Complex warned Eisenhower, the last honest Republican. So under the guise of economics, Republicons start them and do nothing to fund them or take care of the soldiers when they return; the only jobs the cons create are military, ie government. The GOP banks on people swallowing the canard that government is too big knowing their base is too busy wondering what color eye-shade Honey Boo-Boo will wear next. The GOP loves the government because it gives them the tools to enrich their donors and above all, themselves.

So Americans ignorantly wave their flags ignoring the real heroes, the men and women brave enough to be marginalized, killed, jailed, tear gassed, beaten and harassed while trying to awaken the sheeple about what is being done in their name; a by-product of not only ignorance but the fact almost 60% of eligible citizens do not vote. There is no Anti-War Bill to help with school tuitions, parades, commemorative days, events, flyovers or plaques. No benefits, no pay and no pension but one thing they do have that cannot be said about the people being paid to kill is an actual heart.

War is the last resort unless you are a Republicon or Dino from a district that has a big military base to support then it’s economically feasible. Because a need for their existence is obvious in the number of people they employ which takes the pressure off from actually legislating to retain manufacturing and decent wages because being cannon fodder is honorable. But that will never happen because that would take actual work, something the GOP avoids at all costs.

So next time you see a soldier remember you paid for them to kill for the MIC and the benefit of multinational corporations that spend millions to avoid paying taxes, reduce or eliminate regulations that kill people and or the environment, and fight tooth and nail to keep wages as low as possible, paying the RW and DINO politicians to do their dirty work.

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