The Papal Visit 2015

America is Liberal, not Conservative

This is hilarious reading the right-wing “christians” spew their hate for the Pope because as a scientist he has the nerve to side with 97% of scientists world-wide instead of believing faux news and the fossil fuel industry “experts”.

I seriously wonder what conservatives don’t hate which would be headline news: READ ALL ABOUT IT, The GOP doesn’t hate something!

It is also the height of hypocrisy to honestly say Jesus has conservative values!

One thing is for certain, conservative/Republicons will go down in history as the most ignorant people to ever walk this planet because we are currently in the Age of Information yet they constantly ignore all the facts before them. It’s not like there’s only one newspaper in town but it takes intelligence to sift through the BS but of course instead, they go with an entertainment company that has to tell them they are fair and balanced.

Lastly because I’m sure someone on the right will lash out and call me names because honestly that’s all they’ve got, please take just a moment and ask yourselves, what conservative policy that affects the majority of Americans that we conveniently take advantage of on a daily basis, something that makes our everyday lives just a bit more bearable? I can’t think of anything because our country was founded by progressives with an emphasis on freedom from religious tyranny, Lincoln freed the slaves which is a liberal ideal, Ike created the Federal Highway System which would never be supported by the GOP today and Nixon signed the bill enabling the funding of the EPA, something the Republicons are now saying hurts the pockets of the world’s polluters ignoring it has helped keep the air breathable and water drinkable. Where on the other side of the coin, the policies are endless; social security, minimum wage, voting rights, women’s reproduction rights and on and on and on. I have asked this question for years and have never received an answer because there are no policies conservatives come up with that are not based on hate, greed and selfishness.

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